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August 4, 2020

cudgel » kokomakak

Medam yo bat kadejakè a ak yon kokomakak.

The women beat the rapist with a cudgel.

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Gade Kalandriye Mo Jodi a

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Haitian Surrealist: Hector Hyppolite

Hector Hyppolite was born in Saint Marc in 1894 and was a third generation vodou priest. This houngan background would heavily influence his art and future fame, as “ethereal” and “otherworldly” are qualities we often attribute to surrealism. Surrealism as an artistic movement came about after World War I, likely as a psychological escape from the harsh reality of a […]

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“Chasseurs Volontaires”: How Haitians Aided in America’s Revolution

Happy 4th of July, America!   Today, in 1776, America signed its Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. July 4th, also known as “Independence Day”, “Fourth of July” or sometimes just “The Fourth”, is a holiday most Americans know quite a bit about. What isn’t as well known, however, is how Haitian soldiers helped American […]

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Haiti’s National Sport

Most countries have a national sport. A sport that is not only played and watched among the population, but one that is intrinsic to its culture. The United States is baseball, Wales is Rugby, and Haiti is football. Football (or soccer for my American friends), like many sports, has technically existed since before the advent […]

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Haitian Proverbs » Pawòl Granmoun

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Haitian Creole


Bat chen an, tann mèt li.


Beat the dog, but wait for its master.

Byen mal pa lanmò.


Not well is not death.

Byen prese pa rive.


In a hurry will not arrive.

Byen pre pa lakay.


Being close does not mean you are home.

Dictionary » Diksyonè

Haitian Creole




The woman beat the rapist with a cudgel.


Medam yo bat kadejakè a ak yon kokomakak.


Mwen chagren, mwen vle ale lakay mwen.


I'm homesick, I want to go home.


Li tèlman wondondon li fè m fou!


He's so stubborn he drives me crazy!

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