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June 5, 2020

bunch » pakèt

Malcolm received a bunch of gifts for his birthday.

Malcolm te resevwa yon pakèt kado pou fèt li.

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Gade Kalandriye Mo Jodi a

Creole Facts » Koze Kreyòl

Haiti’s Incredible Biodiversity

During the current epidemic, I’m sure you’ve seen countless pieces centering around positivity. Aiming to uplift during a very heavy time, these were stories featuring miraculous recoveries and heartening statistics. One of these miraculous recoveries was in fact the recovery of our environment. While we stayed inside to keep healthy, nature began to heal. The […]

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Strength in Unity: Haitian Flag Day

As the weather warms and mid-May rolls around, preparations for a special Haitian holiday begin. May 18th is Flag Day in Haiti, and this year is the 217th anniversary of this national celebration of Haitian independence. This year also, understandably, promises smaller and much more reserved celebrations due to the global pandemic and social distancing […]

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Fyète koulè po n, flote pou libète donnen

Fyète koulè po n, flote pou libète donnen   Yo ise w sou wozo Kou mannken Nan jaden K ap chase zwezo   Ou bat lapli San parapli; Nan bat solèy, Ou pa gen parèy.   Yo monte w, Yo bese w, Yon lè w s’on joujou, Yon lè w s’on bijou.   Ou se […]

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Haitian Proverbs » Pawòl Granmoun

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Haitian Creole


Bat chen an, tann mèt li.


Beat the dog, but wait for its master.

Byen mal pa lanmò.


Not well is not death.

Byen prese pa rive.


In a hurry will not arrive.

Byen pre pa lakay.


Being close does not mean you are home.

Dictionary » Diksyonè

Haitian Creole




Malcolm te resevwa yon pakèt kado pou fèt li.


Malcolm received a bunch of gifts for his birthday.


Nou pa kwè tibebe a ap chape.


We don't think the baby will survive.


Vag yo wo anpil.


The waves are very high.

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